Monday, July 16, 2012

Feels a Little Bit Like Home...

The month of May was full of events, and I am months behind in our posts. 
Our calendar was crammed with field trips, end of year school & sport events, an 80's prom (yes, big hair, Bon Jovi tunes, &"like"...tons of fun!), and a highly anticipated visit from both my sister's family (from GA) AND my the same time.  A full house no less with seven more to add...but only eager, happy faces await.  One being the birthday boy, Nick...he's now 8 and willing to have just about anyone follow him around the city!

Starting things off, Kate had a fourth grade overnight field trip to Hastings and Canterbury, England, while Jack headed toward the coastline of Devon, England for an entire week with the fifth grade. They each packed and were thrilled to be staying in hostiles with their peers.  No resorts this time.:)   They've really become great little travelers and are always eager to go...just about anywhere.

With school ending, it was time to say goodbye to classmates and friends whom we've had the pleasure of sharing time and experiences with, but not before the all school events that lead up to the very last day.  May can make your head seriously spin!  I think it's the fastest, busiest month of all.  The challenge of being an expat meet new friends who become an integral part of your everyday life, and in what feels like no time, you're having to say goodbye, hoping and believing your paths will cross again. 

Months have now passed, and the kids witnessed an entire school year come and go in an entirely new country...and...they did it, we did it.  Whew!  I think we all felt a sense of pride...corny, but true.  We are grateful for having been part of such a welcoming and nurturing school with so many great families.  We are fortunate to have made lifelong friends through this unexpected journey...So many fond memories to carry along with us...

In the midst of all the goings on, we were anxious for our family to finally arrive! This was surely the best part of May!  It was a big trip for everyone, and we were thrilled to host each one of them.  We toured ALL of London, biked to Windsor (be careful of the broken pedal Sean), learned some English culture, walked Savill Gardens and Virginia Water Park, dined at pubs, sipped on pints, shopped the high streets, had our own "jubilee" party in the garden celebrating Sean's graduation and 18th birthday, and toured Harry Potter WB Studios...all while surviving the "Hotter than Hawaii" temperatures...! (That was truly a newspaper headline that very week...rare, but I'm being 100% honest!)  It was an eventful week of laughs and fun...tired legs and jet lag never got in the way.
Cheers to these special family times that will hopefully serve as lasting memories for all of us!
 Jubilee Parade in Windsor
The Great Walk...Gail and Stephen
"The Punchbowl" Virginia Water Park...with my Mom & Dad

Mark, Amy, & Sean...the Bulldog