Friday, October 7, 2011

First October weekend...Sunny & Blue Skies

The weather this week has been gorgeous.  27 degrees celcius....that converts to approximately 80 degrees farenheit.  We can switch the math fast now...experts no less, and we'll take the sunshine anytime.  :)
Two things made this week unique...first you'll notice Kate's sling.  She had a horse riding accident and fractured her arm by her right shoulder.  She's okay now, just cannot play soccer, write, or take PE...and of course, riding is out for at least 7 weeks.  We at least figured out the nearby hospitals, and local doctor offices...getting our first taste of National Healthcare.  On a more positive side, Jack's birthday was Friday!  He turned 11.  He had a birthday cake at school and home, and spent the day with his friends after school.  Happy birthday bud!

On Saturday we decided to visit the medieval Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England.  It was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror.  Many prisoners were held in the dungeons.  The largest catapult in the world sits toward the back of the castle along the Avon River.  It was about a two hour drive and the kids were able to see falconry, warfare, defensive towers, archery, & visit 'The Dragon Tower'.  

Below are pictures from our crop picking day...we went for pumpkins, but also came home with strawberries, rasberries, and corn.  The kids had a quest to find the perfect shapes and colors.  Many were eaten before they hit the basket...just a fun day.  Strawberry shortcake tonight...

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