Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Curtain Call

Well, we're back in the swing of things here in 2012 and feel more comfortable than ever.  I guess things are becoming "old hat" as they say. We started out this month with celebrating my birthday...I swear January seems to come faster than any other month.  I lunched and shopped with friends, had a special birthday cake here with the kids, and then we headed to Lyceum Theater in London to see The Lion King.  The kids really enjoyed the show and it brought back memories of watching that movie over and over in days past.  Incredible actors and fantastic opening scene.  I hope to see more shows soon...

Next, we were off to watch Kate perform in her class play, "Once Upon a Hundred Years Nap" and she took on the role of Sleeping Beauty.  She impressed us and more importantly, she loved every minute of it.  The drama class deserved a big hand that night!  I believe they all felt like stars! 

And lastly, to stay within this drama theme...I feel compelled to share a photo with you of Kyle in costume.  And selfishly, I wanted this to be documented in our blog of Europe. (I know you're thinking...would you really forget an American dressed like that???!...hmmmm)  He attended a dinner in Scotland and a kilt was required and (rented).  Now this should bring on a good chuckle to most...it clearly speaks for itself. :)

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