Monday, April 30, 2012

March: Staying Put...

The month of March was spent in and around London.  Lucky for us the days are getting longer...aka more daylight. :) We started the month off by attending our school gala...a fundraiser with a live and silent auction.  This was a lot of fun, raised money for school, and we were able to snag a few being Nick's artwork of a Union Jack flag.
Next up was "Supah Quiz American Showdown" hosted by our friends...lots of competitive players here, and thankfully all USA trivia for us.  "Quiz Night" is a very common weekly theme at most local pubs here. Kyle and I randomly ended up on the same team..."Team Beefeater".  Unfortunately, our brain power didn't quite perform so well against other American peeps.  Really...have we been gone that long..?!  Oh well, lots of fun had...and a terrific night out with many laughs & good friends. 

As far as St. Patrick's Day, plans were made well in advance.  Kyle, along with a crew of others, bought tickets to the England versus Ireland "Six Nations" Rugby game at the nation's ruby stadium, Twickenham.  This is a hot ticket least for the men.  England gained their revenge this year and took the title from Ireland.  Kyle sounds British when he says there's no better sport to watch. He has become a big fan.

As far as daily life..the boys started London Youth Little League.  Kyle helps coach and so far the boys are enjoying it...different from home, but we've learned to roll with what we've got.  Kate is still playing her year round soccer. School's going well, keeping them busy, and fieldtrips keep coming...

We've been in London several times and covered the Borough and Camden Markets, and also strolled the streets of Notting Hill.  I have to mention that it's nice being able to spend the day in the city and get a different experience every time.  The kids are learning to navigate their way and are understanding the tube sysytem...pretty good for country kids from GA.:)
Camden Market

Borough Market

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