Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our friends, the Sobran's arrive!

Well, a promise made good!  The Sobran's from Hingham, MA (Roberta, Jack 13, and Lauren 11) arrived for a week in London. :)  Roberta was one of the first few people I called before Kyle and I said we were "on board" for this adventure.  She's a true blue from my college days who has traveled Europe more than anyone (besides Kyle) that I know.  Bonus...she speaks fluent Italian...we'll be heading to Italy together next week. Wow, right?!  Back in March, she promised she'd visit us, then be our tour guide in Italy.  Who better to go with right?!   Our travel plans for July 2011 were solidified quickly...
We spent the week touring around London...London Bridge, London Tower, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Regent Street, Windsor Castle, Portobella Market, Harvey Nichols, etc...we kept the kids and ourselves running everyday, had a lot of laughs, and just had a ball. Too bad for kyle as he missed must come first, after all that's why we're here. 
The quote of the week was..."Where's Nick?"   He sneaks away so often...quietly, quickly, and discreetly.   Difficult for even the seven of us to keep our eye on.   He's a boy on the move...lookout Londoners, he's a curious kid always on a mission.
 All the kids loved the early train rides into the city and looked forward to "Nerf gun" wars at nighttime...bullets, baracades, and forts.  So nice to have our friends visit and stay with us.  We're grateful for the goody bags with snacks, paperback books, Kate's necklace, etc...that the Sobran's so graciously brought.   A terrific time had by all...and our trip to Positano, Italy still to come...our journey together continues...


  1. Can't wait to hear all about Italy!!! Happy Belated Birthday to Kate!!

  2. Hey guys!!! Loved reading about your experience so far. Makes me want to come for a visit and i am not the world traveler!!! I showed the boys your new home and they were very impressed. Our friends home is no where near that. :) The kids asleep in the care was priceless. I live for those moments.....quiet!!!! Doesn't happen often. We will miss seeing you at football this season...getting ready to begin and the "these pants are too tight!!" complaint has already begun. Look forward to hearing more and keeping in touch.