Sunday, July 31, 2011


Okay, so here is the ongoing list that Kate is creating.  It's many of the different words that are commonly said here in the UK.  It's funny to see the kids catching on and saying "car park" or "Where's the lift?"  I imagine the list will continue to grow as our stay continues.
The second photo is Nick in the "American" aisle in Budgen's Grocery Store.  Look closely to view exactly how America is represented...Lucky Charms, Betty Crocker, Goldfish, etc...I guess our comfort foods?  And the stores make it all possible...for a price $$.  Anyway, Nick's attempt at the buying the PopTarts failed at almost $12 a box.  (And that's for the small box.)  Seriously, is he/they kidding?!!  He can wait until our Christmas trip back home, but you can't blame a kid for trying!  He left with a croissant that he dropped on the street.  I foresee another grocery store with a similar occurrence in my near future.  Depending on the day, I may ultimately give in...


  1. We LOVE your "words" list and all your great stories of your Italy trip. What a blast!!!! Thank you SO much for updating so frequently. We have been dying to check email everyday to see if there is a Dufresne Family update. We miss you but are excited for the memories you are making

  2. I hope you stock up for when i come to visit ;)