Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To the Sea...the South Coast of the UK...

I've been a bit delayed in adding to our blog, but it is the end of summer here and we've had guests who have kept us busy.  Yes...that's an acceptable, exceptional excuse, right?! :) 

As July came to an end, we decided to take a drive (yes, the driving is getting better with time) to check out the beaches in the area.  Our destination was an area known as Poole and Bournemouth located on the southern coast of England.  The drive was a few hours of vast, endless countryside...very pretty and exactly what I pictured England to look like.  Very green.  After arriving to a beach town called Poole Harbour, we drove our car onto a ferry called "Bramble Bush Bay".   This took us directly to Bournemouth Beach, where we were all ready to see the coastline.  Nick's idea was to first purchase shovels and pails, hit a few carnival rides, eat lunch, and head to the beach.  Great suggestions, because that's exactly what we did...and the beaches surprised us...we expected rocks and pebbles, but instead found sand.:)  There we relaxed, played catch, and dug some deep tunnels in the sand (good thing for Nick's new shovels...).  We walked the pier, ate ice cream, and called it a day.  For some reason, our drive was much shorter going home than it was getting there...Kyle, did you make some adjustments...? :)
Our next beach trip will be south to popular Brighton Beach which is known as "London by the Sea".  I guess we had better head there quickly as fall will be here before we know it...

Our daily life here in Sunningdale continues to consist of taking walks to the grocery store, train station, post office, and the bank.  It's nice to able to walk to lunch, dinner, and other town like places.  The kids really enjoy bike riding to Windsor Park which has now become part of our routine.  The trails, polo fields, flowers, gorgeous deer...(I can't tell you just how neat they are to watch..), horses, and gorgeous greenery are all to be admired.  I'll bring my camera soon so I can share some animal sightings.

Otherwise, like the British said during WWII (and by the way...we see signs of this everywhere) we continue to "Keep Calm and Carry On"...Our daily life challenges are becoming less and less of a struggle.  The things that were a nuisance or inconvenience before, have become a bit less visible and bothersome.  Funny how that happens...I'll remind myself of that the next time I continuously drive round and round the "roundabouts" while deciding which exit to take...all the while getting beeped at by others.  I'll figure it out somehow, and hopefully which lane to be in as well. :)  Deep breaths...

The kids play outside and have become friends with the other kids around our home.  It's quite a diverse group...often I look outside and laugh to life has changed so much, yet kids are all the same.  Nick has a pal who speaks with a British accent but is from Sri enjoy kids...that simple.:)

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