Monday, August 29, 2011

A fresh, new start...Tasis School, England

Tasis: August 24, 2011

Off they go...


So the big day had finally arrived, and the kids were ready for their first day of school.  Tasis, an American school, follows a close curriculum to their school at home.  Jack heading to 5th grade, Kate to 4th, and Nick starting 1st.  Obviously the uniform thing is new for us and even though it's August, the sweatshirts have to be least until they can ask permission to take it off.  Rules, rules.  Nick left his in the class on his first day...good thing I bought two. :)  The boys struggled with wearing socks and shoes, oh yeah, pants too.  They prefer their year round shorts, tees, & sneakers...oh well, there's no choice so they'll adapt.  
You can see their transportation (no big, yellow school bus)...and pickup at the that's nice.  He'll even wait if we're running late? :)   Now, that's something we all can adjust to.   
First day down, and all survived.  Happy faces and they said they'll go back.  Only time will tell...but we'll take it for the time being... 

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  1. I love the blog and am soooo excited for your awesome adventures! Miss you! Angie