Sunday, September 25, 2011

An English pastime...



Meet Henry and Nutty, horses.  Kate and I decided that since we're here in England, we like to learn to ride horses.  There are, of course, differences in saddles...English vs Western.  Overall changes here never truly seem to end.  Is anything standard?!  (All I knew was that there were only reins to hold, no horn.  I hoped to just stay on and not fall off...pathetic, I know. :)  I was just out for an afternoon "hack" as they said when I signed up.  The trainers assigned me to "Nutty", not my first or second choice due to her name only.  Yes, I was judging before I even knew her.  With a name like that I wasn't sure what I had in store. Maybe it was because she was chestnut in color...yup...I was going with that. :)  Anyway, it turned out to be an incredible morning through Great Windsor Park.  We passed deer, sheep, and the Royal Herd.  Very picturesque and I'm glad I went and tried something new.  My adventure was only for one day.

Kate has been taking lessons at Berkshire Riding Center, also in Windsor Park.  She always rides "Henry" and he's a sweet, gentle, old horse. He has no idea just how much he's talked about every week.   Kate counts the days, looking forward to seeing him each & every week.  He's come to expect his apple from her.  Again, this is a new activity for her and she is loving it.  

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