Friday, August 26, 2011

Just like home...

"King & the Castle" Birthday toast

My sister's family left, and then Jeff & Paula landed at Heathrow from Atlanta.  This visitor thing is working out well...:)  They flew through the night, took a power nap, and we headed out to nearby Windsor for dinner.
We couldn't wait to spend time with them to catch up and show them our life over here.  Jack, Kate, and Nick were excited to see them as well. The only ones missing were their kids. Maybe next time...

We only had a brief time with them before they headed to the city for the week to sight see and visit Paula's cousin (also doing an expat assignment).  Full agenda!

We can't tell you how great it was to see you both.  Really, our time spent was so much fun and felt like the old days...we thank you for the time we shared. Happy birthday Paula
and happy anniversary too!! 
As they say here, "Cheers!"

Morgan...Kate loved her card and sweet birthday earrings.  She'll be in touch soon. :)  The gum & candy were perfect choices as well.  She misses you!! We were so grateful to spend your mom's birthday with her.  Ask her all about Jack's apartment...she liked it up there. 

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