Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Royal Visit...

Masks that couldn't be refused...& all sorts of fun :)  Can you guess who's behind Harry?!  

The anticipated visit from my sister's family of five had finally arrived on August 8th.  Our kids were so excited to see their cousins from Boston, MA.  It was their first family trip overseas and we had ten days to share England with them.  We had a very full week needless to say.  We took the train several days into London to see the sites...Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, London Tower, London Bridge, etc...  We even took an adventure to find the oldest pub in London...our destination was the "Cheshire Cheese" built in 1538.  We made it an added bonus, as well as by accident, we passed St. Paul's Cathedral on our way...:)

We toured Windsor Castle, complete with a horse drawn carriage ride down the queen's two mile driveway, picnicked on the lawn, and biked along trails.  Then we took the group to Legoland, also part of Windsor.  The kids liked the famous world buildings and creatures built from tiny Legos that were displayed throughout the park. The amusement rides added enjoyment too...We all wondered just how long all the Lego figures took to build...
Other attractions we took them to were Chessington World of Adventures (an amusement park) , Go Ape...a fun rope course from where we have exceptional video & stories of certain individuals zip lining...ahem!

All in all, we had a terrific time with the Solomons!!  (Other than hearing all the unfortunate news about the rioting in the streets of northern London.)  The dinners, the laughs, the everyday adventures were a blast..  We are so glad for their visit and for sharing part of their summer with us.  The quote of the week was, "Every thing's different".  It makes me laugh as I remember one of them pointing out something odd or different than the US way of doing something...EVERYDAY!!  Toilets, food, driving, hot water, mail, laundry, plugs, was endless.  Does that mean WE have somewhat adapted to the UK way of life?  Ha Ha...I guess we're slowly getting there.  Don't get me wrong though, things definitely take time to get used to...quite awhile in fact...we'll continue to adapt...

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  1. It sounds like you all had a blast and the kids were (and are) getting to see a ton of amazing sites.

    FYI - I'll be in London the 5th, 6th and 7th of September, please let me know if there is anything I can bring over with me from the States that is either hard / impossible to find or ridiculously expensive.

    -Jeremy Smith (Dell)